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    South Carolina Woman, Dubbed "Pool Patrol Paula," Fired After Allegedly Assaulting Black Teenager

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    South Carolina Woman, Dubbed "Pool Patrol Paula," Fired After Allegedly Assaulting Black Teenager

    Post by The Last Outlaw on Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:43 pm

    From FOX News

    Ryan Gaydos of FOX News wrote:

    A South Carolina woman who allegedly assaulted a black teenager and berated him and his friends with racial slurs at a neighborhood pool this week was fired from her job after video of the incident went viral.

    Skincare company Rodan + Fields said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle on Wednesday that Stephanie Sebby-Strempel was no longer with the company.

    “In accordance with our policies and after assessing statements from law enforcement, this Independent Consultant is no longer affiliated with Rodan + Fields,” the company said.

    Sebby-Strempel, 38, was arrested after Sunday’s incident at a Summerville neighborhood pool, WCIV-TV reported. The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said the victim was a 15-year-old boy who was invited to the pool by friends.

    Sebby-Strempel was dubbed "Pool Patrol Paula" on social media soon after the incident, following a trend that started with "BBQ Becky" and continued with "Permit Patty."

    A woman identified as Sebby-Strempel is seen in the video telling the group of boys they didn’t belong at the pool and they had to leave. The woman continued to antagonize the group and used racial slurs, witnesses told deputies.

    A video posted on Facebook appeared to show Sebby-Strempel slap the person holding the camera as he walked out of the pool area. The woman in the video is then heard calling someone a “little punk” and telling someone to leave, according to WCIV-TV.

    The victim told authorities he and his friends were respectful when Sebby-Strempel demanded the group leave the pool, and investigators reportedly determined the woman was the aggressor.

    The victim wasn’t seriously injured in the alleged assault, WCIV-TV reported.

    When deputies arrived at Sebby-Strempel's home Monday, authorities said she became combative and assaulted two deputies -- biting one on the arm and pushing another into a wall.

    She was charged with one count of third-degree assault and two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer.

    First, it was "BBQ Becky" calling police for family having a cookout.  Then it was "Permit Patty" calling police on an eight-year-old selling lemonade.  Now we have "Pool Patrol Paula" allegedly assaulting a teenager and then, when confronted, assauting police officers.  What is this world coming to?  Has it gotten so bad that police need to be called for doing something just because it's someone black doing it?  This is getting pathetic.  Just remember where this tone is coming from.

    Just saying.


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