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    Trump Tells Supporters It'll Be 'Your Fault' If He Gets Impeached

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    Trump Tells Supporters It'll Be 'Your Fault' If He Gets Impeached

    Post by The Last Outlaw on Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:24 am

    From CNN

    Kate Sullivan of CNN wrote:President Donald Trump told supporters Thursday that if he is impeached "it's your fault 'cause you didn't go out to vote."
    "You didn't go out to vote -- that's the only way it could happen," Trump said during a rally in Billings, Montana.

    "I'll be the only President in history they'll say: 'What a job he's done! By the way, we're impeaching him,' " Trump said.

    "This election, you aren't just voting for a candidate, you are voting for which party controls Congress," the President said. "Very important thing. Very important thing."

    The rally in Montana -- where Trump was campaigning on behalf of Matt Rosendale, who's challenging Democratic Sen. John Tester for a Senate spot -- was not the first time the President has brought up the subject of his own impeachment.

    Following the guilty plea of his former attorney Michael Cohen, Trump said "the market would crash" and "everybody would be very poor" if Democrats were to take back control of Congress and impeach him.

    At Thursday's rally, Trump railed against Democrats, like Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who have made impeaching him a central part of their political identity. He engaged in a mock conversation, playing both the role of supporter and defender, during one portion of the rally.

    "They like to use the 'impeach' word," Trump said. " 'Impeach Trump.' Maxine Waters: 'We will impeach him.' 'But he didn't do anything wrong.' 'It doesn't matter. We will impeach him. We will impeach.' "

    "But I say, how do you impeach somebody that's doing a great job, that hasn't done anything wrong?" Trump said. "Our economy is good. How do you do it? How do you do it? How do you do it?"

    " 'We will impeach him!' " Trump shouted, " 'But he's doing a great job!' 'Doesn't matter.' Remember that line, 'He's doing a great job.' 'That doesn't matter. We'll impeach him.'"

    Trump later warned the United States would turn into a "Third World country" because of the precedent his hypothetical impeachment would set.

    "But let's say a Democrat gets elected, and let's say we have a Republican House. We will impeach that Democrat, right? And then a Republican. We won by a lot. We won by a hell of a margin," Trump said.

    "If the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts, before you've even found out whether or not he or she is going to do a great job, they'll say, 'We want to impeach him' and you'll impeach him," Trump said. "It's so ridiculous."


    I'm using my buddy Nelson from The Simpsons to laugh at the very notion that the voter -- DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN will be responsible for the impeachment of the President of the United States.

    OK... maybe he does have a point.  But then again, that's the same thing talking that he first introduced in his presidency: FEAR.  He fears he's gonna be impeached on a number of issues.  So who's fault is it really?

    He is on the verge of having numerous charges against him.  Is this your fault?  If you believe it so, get out and vote WITH him.  If you don't believe a word out of his mouth, get out and vote with your heart, your mind and your conscience.

    Whatever you do, get out and vote!

    Just saying.


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