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    San Juan Mayor Calls Trump ‘Delusional, Paranoid, and Unhinged’ After He Claims Puerto Rico Death Toll Inflated

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    San Juan Mayor Calls Trump ‘Delusional, Paranoid, and Unhinged’ After He Claims Puerto Rico Death Toll Inflated

    Post by The Last Outlaw on Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:38 am

    From the Washington Examiner

    Caitlin Yilek of the Washington Examiner wrote:The mayor of San Juan issued a sharp rebuke of President Trump on Thursday after he claimed 3,000 people did not die in Puerto Rico from the hurricanes that ravaged the island last year.

    Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz wrote about an hour after Trump’s tweets on the matter.

    Cruz and Trump have been in a war of words since she criticized the federal government’s response to hurricanes Maria and Irma last year.

    On Wednesday, the president called Cruz “totally incompetent” for what he said was an “unappreciated great job” by the administration in wake of the hurricanes.

    The feud continued into Thursday as Trump questioned the death toll on the island, claiming without evidence that Democrats had inflated the number to hurt him politically.

    Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello formally raised the death toll late last month from Hurricane Maria to 2,975 from 64 after an independent study was conducted by George Washington University researchers.

    Earlier this week Trump touted his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria, calling it “incredibly successful.”

    He said 64.  The independent study says nearly 3,000.  Given Trump's track record, I tend to believe this independent study, which means, this is blood on Donald Trump's hands.  And this "blame the Democrats" strategy is getting really old, really fast.  Donald Trump, I've got two simple words for ya...

    MAN UP!

    If nearly 3,000 people dying from lack of resources after a storm like Hurricane Maria is an "unsung success", then I wonder what it take to see it as a total failure?

    Just saying.


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