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    Corker calls GOP 'cultish' and 'fearful' under Trump

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    Corker calls GOP 'cultish' and 'fearful' under Trump

    Post by The Last Outlaw on Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:52 pm

    From NBC News

    Dartunorro Clark and Garrett Haake of NBC News wrote:Sen. Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, on Wednesday chided his GOP colleagues for being "cultish" and "fearful" under President Donald Trump, and said some are concerned about their prospects in the midterm elections.

    The Tennessee lawmaker said there are a number of reticent Republicans who are afraid to push back at Trump because they do not want to agitate the president.

    "We are in a strange place. It's almost, it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it?" said Corker, who also sits on the Senate Budget Committee. "It's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of, purportedly, of the same party."

    He added, "We have a lot of people who are willing to do the things that they feel are right for our country. We have some who are fearful of upsetting the president. But it's not a good place for us to be."

    Corker's comments on Wednesday come the day after he lashed out at his Republican colleagues for blocking legislation that would have put checks on the president's ability to levy tariffs.

    "A lot of them would vote for it," Corker said Tuesday of his GOP colleagues. "But no, no, no, 'gosh, we might poke the bear,' is the language I've been hearing in the hallways," he said, mockingly. "The president might get upset with us as United States senators," Corker continued.

    Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., said Wednesday he is comfortable disagreeing with the president and that Corker was only frustrated his amendment did not pass.

    "I think that's the, you know, that's the words of somebody who's frustrated because he didn't get an amendment passed, but it's also the words of somebody who's got an extraordinary body of work on a bipartisan basis, so I get the frustration, but then we've got to move on," Tillis said.

    Corker has been an outspoken critic of Trump. He notably squabbled with the president on Twitter last year, calling the White House "an adult daycare center."

    In his comments on Wednesday, Corker said his party has diverged from its traditional values, particularly on trade. He also blasted the Trump administration for its "ad hoc" approach to the issue.

    "It seems to me, especially on things like trade, that you know has been one of our central elements is fair, fair but free trade. And to have an administration that wakes up every day and at an ad hoc basis is just making stuff up as they go along with no coherency to it," said the Tennessee senator.

    He also said he thought a lot of the remarks from the president following his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "hyperbole," but that he's glad the meeting took place and could lead to positive results.

    "I think it could be the beginning of us solving a problem that would be good for our country and good for the world, and I hope that can be the case," he said.

    You know friends, Sen. Corker may be on to something.  I have never seen a Republican party bow like this before.  I wouldn't expect this from either party but this is just crazy.

    Despite that, I would rather be fired than to work in fear of Donald J. Trump.  He's supposed to be human just like the rest of us, so what he's worth over $3 Billion.  So what if he is the President of the United States.  Think about this: when Barack Obama became President, he wanted people with him and around him, regardless of political affiliation, who was not scared to tell him "NO!"  I may not have agreed with John Boehner much, but I respected him for the fact that he was doing what he could to fight back against anything coming from Obama.  He even said, as a knock on Obama's "Yes We Can" campaign slogan, "Hell No We Can't."  So to my REPUBLICAN/GOP friends, please, stand up and show yourselves and your fellow colleagues that you are not scared of "Boxing" with "King" Trump.

    Just saying!


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